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Health, is more important than wealth, for you can't buy health,with money! You can buy a lot of things, but without your health,days are no longer sunny! If we enjoy good health, we're fortunate,we should never take it for granted.We have to nurture it, as you woulda flower, that already, has been planted! You have to eat right and get the proper rest and make sure you exercise, as much as you can in a week. Do all these things andI guarantee you, good health, will be yours to keep!"

Audrey Heller

Are you wanting to improve in your sport, needing to heal from an injury, wanting to find items that will aid in the recovery process, or need something to sooth and help with a sore tired body in pain even chronic pain. At ITZA Papa’s Online Store your health is important to us as well, so the items we sell now and will sell in the future are dedicated to your health.

Our Mission

To provide “Products with Heart” which means we sell items for all body types, for all athletes, office workers, travelers, people that are always on their feet, like nurses, doctor’s, servers, retail etc. and a special focus on those that deal with daily soreness and pain including chronic pain. 

I am very impressed with quality of the socks. 

D. Olsen
Impressive Socks

One of the best compression sock I have tried and less expensive than what a doctor may sell you.

G Cook
Love them

Our Story



All my life I have dealt with foot challenges, then the last 20 years I dealt with chronic pain from neuropathy and gout in my feet, and now I have added rheumatoid arthritis to that. Over the last 20 years, I have gone to multiple types of doctors and tried dozens of things including acupuncture.

Six years ago, I found a couple of things, diet, and the right type of socks. After trying multiple brands of socks,especially compression socks, I found the right socks. I have benefited from the line of compression socks I found so much I named them, "ITZA Compression socks", Itza means "Enchanted waters/Water Goddess", a perfect name for them as they help with circulation and keep my feet from swelling. I like ITZA socks so much I want to share them with everyone. That is where I got the idea for ITZA Papa’s Online Store.

Through my journey and trying various products I have found other items that helped me, including TENS and infrared treatments. When I find good suppliers for the other products, I will add them to my store. Every item I add to my store I have tried myself, along with others including family members, friends, doctors, and other professionals. 

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